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Extra Indention There is an extra set of spaces at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph on page 179. Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 07-02-2013 Chapter 5 179
Mis-spelling In the "Video Highlights" section of page 209, "govern mental" should probably be "governmental". Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 07-02-2013 Chapter 5 209
Lettering Chapter 5 quick quiz answers should be labeled A-D as the answers are A-D in the quick quiz answers. Question/Exercise Improvement Adam Mattox Student 07-07-2013 Chapter 5 216-217
Caption on wrong page The caption for Figure 6-4 should be on previous page. Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 07-10-2013 Chapter 6 234-235
WBS or RAM In the last paragraph on page 237. 2nd sentence: "... may have one WBS...". Should "WBS" be RAM? Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 07-10-2013 Chapter 6 237
Missing Graphic On page 238 there are two tables/figures that are duplicates. I believe one of them is supposed to b Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 07-10-2013 Chapter 6 238
5 not 6 processes The 1st sentence under the heading "Planning Risk Management" on page # 248: "The first process of s Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 07-10-2013 Chapter 6 248
Should be one long sentence instead of two, maybe? 3rd paragraph, last 2 sentences, the way it reads, I think it is supposed to be 1 long sentence. Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 07-14-2013 Chapter 7 298
Incorrect Quiz Answers Chapter 4 #5 the answer should be C, but the answer given is D. 

#4 the answer should be A, but the answer
Question/Exercise Improvement Jake Charlson Student 07-15-2013 Chapter 4 172
Repeated words The last line on page 368 repeats "reserve analysis" twice. Typo or Graphics Error Taylor Lesley Student 08-13-2013 Chapter 8 368
Quick Quiz #1 has wrong answer Page 40, question 3, has D marked as its correct answer in the answer key. However, A, B, and D are Inaccurate Information Daniel Furlong Dan Furlong 01-15-2014 Chapter 1 40-41
Typo p. 34; First sentence beginning: "The topic of ethics may be more comprehensive for those the [that] Typo or Graphics Error Kelly Kuo Student 01-15-2014 Chapter 1 34
Misspelled Word Summarizing misspelled in online Quiz on website

Chapter 6 
Question 9 
Word: Sumamrizing
Typo or Graphics Error Abby Moskowitz Student 03-18-2014 Chapter 6  
Subject Verb Disagreement An italicized bullet point reads, "Government and regulatory agencies often plays a big role." The c Typo or Graphics Error John Butler Stoudenmire Student 03-30-2014 Chapter 1 8
Omitted word Currently, the sentence reads, "For example, many healthcare organizations have created projects in Typo or Graphics Error Timothy Jacob Self Student 03-30-2014 Chapter 2 69
Capitalization Error Currently reads, "For example, several hospitals initiated projects to meet the Hospital Readmission Typo or Graphics Error Timothy Jacob Self Student 03-30-2014 Chapter 2 69
typo p. 21 "Best Practice;" "...serves a[s] a liaison...." Typo or Graphics Error Kelly Kuo Student 04-05-2014 Chapter 1 21
typo extra space in-between bullet point Typo or Graphics Error Kelly Kuo Student 04-05-2014 Chapter 1 29
Chapter 1 Quick Quiz - Q3 Quick Quiz - Page 40 - Answer key indicates D for question 3, Higher profit margins as NOT a potenti Inaccurate Information Jamie M. Scalise Student 04-09-2015 Chapter 1 3, 40
Figure 4-7 (Scope Creep) This xkcd image is not demonstrating scope creep. The reason this image is funny is because the chil Misleading Graphic Gautam Ramesh Student 04-19-2015 Chapter 4 152
Change date in case study Appendix B, pg. 20 The hospital’s CEO directed your sponsor, “Do what needs to be done to ensure that we can start the Inaccurate Information Michelle Warfield Faculty 05-17-2015 Appendix B 20
eBook Format Hi,
We just adopted the textbook for our MSN program. Please let me know if there are ebook options
Enhancement Suggestion Tona Leiker Faculty 01-13-2016 Online Resources  
Access to Website I bought the Kindle version of your book, however I cannot access Appendix B or any of the templates Inaccurate Information Crystal Kelley Student 02-16-2016 Online Resources  
Case study error I have a clarification question, I was wondering who Lyn was in the background scenario in Part:4 Mo Misleading Text Michelle Warfield Faculty 07-26-2016 Appendix B 514
VitalSource edition Hi!  We are using this text in our BSHIM program, and it is difficult to integrate digitally since t Enhancement Suggestion Holly Wright Academic Administration 07-26-2016 Online Resources  
Under Review  (2 Ideas) 
Change six pointed star for constraints The six pointed star is confusing. It appears to represent two separate "triple constraints" interli Misleading Graphic Dr. Dan Gracie Colleague 06-05-2013 Chapter 1 15
Dan should have a blog Dan should have a blog to keep things fresh! Enhancement Suggestion Kathy Schwalbe Kathy Schwalbe 06-11-2013 Online Resources  
Accepted Requests
Idea Summary
Idea Details (1st 100 chars)
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Accepted - Added to Book Correction List  (8 Ideas) 
Wrong Quiz Answers I think the answers to the Quick Quiz for chapter 4, #4 & #5 are incorrect in the text. The answer t Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 06-29-2013
tense error on pg 204 second par (first full) the last sentence says "In fact, they should have SCHEDULE to comp Typo or Graphics Error MacKenzie Benton Student 06-26-2013
Add info to graphic/figure Add stakeholder management to WBS in figure 4-15, page 166 Enhancement Suggestion Jason Student 06-16-2013
extra comma not needed bottom 1/2 of page; 1st paragraph: "...two of the knowledge areas - project integration and scope, m Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 06-16-2013
Typo "that" replace with "than" regarding IHI 5th paragraph, last sentence
"........for longer periods of time THAT recommended by the IHI."
Typo or Graphics Error Sara "Ellen" Jenks Student 06-14-2013
p112 "that" should be "than" last sentence of first paragraph under "Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity"

"that recommen
Typo or Graphics Error Amber Khalil Student 06-13-2013
Repeated words Ch. 1, pg. 12
Assisted Living/Long-term Care
“A long-term care organization servicing and elderly
Enhancement Suggestion Sara Ellen Jenks (MHA pgm) Student 06-08-2013
"results" should be singular Ch. 2, pg. 57
Focusing on Mission and Broad Organizational Needs
(last sentence) “Organizations ap
Typo or Graphics Error Sara Ellen Jenks (MHA pgm) Student 06-08-2013
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