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Wrong Quiz Answers I think the answers to the Quick Quiz for chapter 4, #4 & #5 are incorrect in the text. The answer t Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 06-29-2013
tense error on pg 204 second par (first full) the last sentence says "In fact, they should have SCHEDULE to comp Typo or Graphics Error MacKenzie Benton Student 06-26-2013
Add info to graphic/figure Add stakeholder management to WBS in figure 4-15, page 166 Enhancement Suggestion Jason Student 06-16-2013
extra comma not needed bottom 1/2 of page; 1st paragraph: "...two of the knowledge areas - project integration and scope, m Typo or Graphics Error Jason Student 06-16-2013
Typo "that" replace with "than" regarding IHI 5th paragraph, last sentence
"........for longer periods of time THAT recommended by the IHI."
Typo or Graphics Error Sara "Ellen" Jenks Student 06-14-2013
p112 "that" should be "than" last sentence of first paragraph under "Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity"

"that recommen
Typo or Graphics Error Amber Khalil Student 06-13-2013
Repeated words Ch. 1, pg. 12
Assisted Living/Long-term Care
“A long-term care organization servicing and elderly
Enhancement Suggestion Sara Ellen Jenks (MHA pgm) Student 06-08-2013
"results" should be singular Ch. 2, pg. 57
Focusing on Mission and Broad Organizational Needs
(last sentence) “Organizations ap
Typo or Graphics Error Sara Ellen Jenks (MHA pgm) Student 06-08-2013

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